Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day #96: Fun in Giving

4th of July has finally arrived!  The kids have been counting down to the next holiday for quite some time.  They are convinced we should be counting down to Halloween next since it is the next "big" holiday.  Not so fast, dear children.  We have a glorious summer to enjoy first!

This year the kids had the option to watch the parade or participate as we were representing our charity for the first time in a parade.  The three older kids all wanted to be in it (truth be told, the baby really wanted to ride on the golf cart as well!) and were adamant they did not care about not receiving any candy.  Why not?!  Family fun!

The parade was a blast.  Our neighbors were so kind to not only let us use their golf cart, but to help as well.  All of the kids enjoyed throwing candy and waving to the crowd and not once did they complain about not having a bag of candy of their own to enjoy.  I am thrilled to not have three giant bags of candy at home, because it is usually Mom who is sneaking in the bag for a mid-day treat.  Win-win!


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