Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day #95: Knowing My Limits

We love to have people over.  Parties, dinner, impromptu name it!  Tonight we are having a dinner party.  Generally I have a pretty good idea of a meal plan, but not this time.  Our week has been a bit busy, our house a bit neglected, and an extra trip to the grocery store has not happened quite yet!  

We worked together as a family to tidy up the house and by noon I was ready to think about food.  I started to make a list for a dinner that was perhaps a bit too much to take on in a short time frame and quickly realized I needed to start over with something a little more realistic.  This is a big step for me!

So many times in my life I put too much pressure on myself, extend myself too far, and just don't realize my limits.  This usually ends up stressing me out and turning me into a grumpy, snippy mother and wife.  Knowing my limits is important and keeping myself within those parameters is something I need to work on.  Today was progress.

Imperfect progress is the goal.  Baby steps are encouraging!

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