Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day #93: Content with Today

We took a trip to Hobby Lobby today (yes, this is a bit dangerous with four little kids!) in search of some items to complete a home decorating project.  Shortly after we walked in the store, they spotted fall and pumpkin decor.  My oldest son looked confused and asked why they had their pumpkin stuff out already.  A few aisles down he paused and loudly exclaimed, "It's not winter!  Why do they have their Christmas stuff out?"  The younger kids were equally as puzzled.  After all, summer has just begun, right?

This is just an isolated example of the way we are becoming programmed to think.  Why do we live in a time where we have difficulty being happy and content with the present?  Given none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, why do we have such a difficult time embracing today?  As a society we are being programmed by marketing campaigns and retail stores to plan for holidays and seasonal changes half a year out.  I am a planner and enjoy being organized, but this takes it to a whole other level.    

Moms, our kids are watching.  We are setting the example:  what message are we conveying?  We have the ability to swim against the tide and simply enjoy today.  My kids hit the nail on the head.  It is completely ridiculous stores are being filled with Christmas decor in July.  It is equally ridiculous to fill stores with summer items in December.  I truly love how their innocent remarks touched me so profoundly.  Kids are pretty awesome at living in the moment.  Most of the time their biggest concern is what they will eat at the next meal or what they will play next.

Needless to say, our family won't be purchasing more "stuff" for holidays months away.  We won't be purchasing winter clothes, talking about Christmas lists, Santa, or anything holiday-related until November.  Instead, we will enjoy our summer and do our best to live in the moment.  Soaking up the sun is so much more fun than thinking about the cold...enjoy it!



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