Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day #110: Good Intentions Mean Nothing Without Follow Through

I find it a bit ironic I am working on a project to become more intentional with the way I live my life and our family's life, but have a difficult time following through with even the smallest of intentions.  I am not setting the best example for my children.  I expect them to start something and follow through, yet I struggle with this on a daily basis.  We are just one big family full of good intentions, but don't have much to show in the results category.

I read a blog today about this very topic.  It hit home in a big way.  Earlier I touched on my difficulty committing as of late and this inability to follow through on even the smallest good intention is indicative of this battle.  I WANT to do so many things, I simply do not do them.  My mind is experiencing a civil war of sorts with my heart.  It's an exhausting battle and I so badly want it to end.

Perhaps my goals should be to focus on the interference and eliminate it.  It is inhibiting nearly every goal I set for myself from exercising to being a calmer, focused mother.  Some little voice in my head is telling me I can't achieve these goals and providing me with a million excuses why this is so.

This is not the example I want to set for my children and I need to stop being so hypocritical.  I cannot expect them to follow through when I, myself, struggle to do so.  Lead by example.  Praying for the strength and energy that would allow for some of these changes to take place!


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