Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day #112: Habits

For years I have heard it takes three weeks to create a habit.  I suppose that's somewhat of a myth, because everyone is different and the mind is a powerful thing.  For me, it seems my biggest obstacle in achieving the goals I have created is my mind.  I need to retrain it.  Perhaps I need some consistent sleep so I can have the energy to focus on change instead of creating excuses to forgo it.

My mind races...all day and night.  So many ideas, goals I'd like to achieve, places I'd like to go.  It's all in there on the spin cycle each and every day.  It is so hard to prioritize my thoughts, because on any given day one seems more important than another.  In theory some ideas are good, but in reality some might be a disaster.

Life seems to continue to move quickly and my mind is holding me back from offering my best to my family and friends.  Surely there must be a way to overcome this hurdle and move in the direction of progress.  I just need to get up each day and start creating the good habits I desire instead of letting a setback wipe the slate clean.


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