Friday, June 27, 2014

Day #88: A Case of the Naughties

My kids have been on a kick for quite some time using what we have deemed "inappropriate" words.  Butt, booty, and poopy are their favorites and they seem to enjoy saying them in the van or at the dinner table the most.  I know it could be worse, but we are so TIRED of listening to this nonsense every time we get into the van or sit down for a meal.  These parents have had enough.

We have tried multiple ways of attempting to curb this behavior.  Today I  tried yet another method:  if you speak the word, you will sit on your bed and think about it and then complete a chore.  It worked pretty well until the tiredness crept in late afternoon.  All of the sudden it seemed to be the only words in my middle two's vocabulary.  Ugh.  When will this end?!

They did get sent to their bed and have to complete a chore (and a big one at that), but I'm not sure it will keep the words at bay.  I pray this phase ends soon!

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