Monday, June 23, 2014

Day #83: Healthy Family Fun

I wish I could say I am a great example to my children in the area of health and fitness, but my struggle to find the time to incorporate this into my daily schedule is not allowing me to set much of an example!  My kids are all fairly athletic and love to run around.  Today was the day of the big race we have now done for the past three years.

I was feeling pretty apprehensive about taking a two mile jog today since I've run a total of four times all year, but the kids were certainly pumped up for their run today.  My middle kiddos took part in the fun run and had so much fun.  The ribbon at the finish is the best part!  My oldest son chose to run the 2 mile as well, but he was given permission to run on his own since he is able to run a lot faster than his pokey old mom!  My husband, the daring one, took part in the five mile race.

We all completed our races on a hot and steamy night.  My son crossed the finish line in 18:08!  It was a whole lot faster than my time of 25:48, but in my defense I was pushing the baby in the jogger (and for the first time!).  I was just happy I never stopped running...even if it was slow going!  My husband finished his race a few minutes over 40 minutes.  We did it!

As much as I was dreading hitting the pavement, I am glad I did.  The race is a great family event and has become a tradition for us.  The kids really look forward to it and maybe someday I will too!  What I truly love the most about it, though, are the memories we have made partaking in this race.  It's amazing to see how far they've come in three years.  They grow up so fast!


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