Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day #78: Honoring the Dads

Today we honor the dads in our lives.  Admittedly I am still a total Daddy's girl and am so thankful we live close so we can celebrate all of these holidays with my family.  As I age, I cherish these moments more than I ever could have when I was young.  I am lucky both of my parents are still alive, well, and an active part of our lives.

We did our best to spoil the important man in our household today.  Some homemade cards, gifts for some of his favorites (beer, golf, and Mexican food...what else could a man want?), and a gourmet steak dinner topped off with warm dessert.  We love him a lot...I just hope he realizes how much we do.

I know I am guilty of not appreciating the effort he puts into our family enough.  I get irritated, complain, and feel a bit of jealousy at times when he gets to do cool things without us.  We've battled through some storms and will certainly encounter more.  I'm not sure we could have ever imagined our lives being so blessed, yet so exhausting and trying at times.  Marriage is hard, parenting may be even harder.

My hope is to encourage, support, and appreciate my husband more in the future.  He is deserving of that and so much more!


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