Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day #86: Life is Good

This morning I was getting ready with my sweet little baby in tow.  She was playing with herself in the mirror grinning and giving the sweetest little kisses to the sweet baby she could see.  The back of her outfit said, "Life is Good."  What a sweet reminder.  Yes, life is good, friends.

My sweet little baby girl has gone from clingy and wanting to be with her mama all day to walking and too busy for Mom.  I'm feeling pretty sad this happened so quickly.  Yes, there were days I longed for two free arms, but I'm finding myself wishing she would have transitioned to this a bit more slowly.

Seasons change.  Some are long and trying and some are slow and beautiful.  Through this transition I have been reminded that no matter how difficult the day, the days of my children being little and needing their mom are numbered.

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