Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day #73: Setting Goals....Attainable Goals

Who knew going on vacation would leave me feeling so exhausted?  A rainy day nap would have been awesome, but three non-napping kiddos may have put a kink in that plan!  Push on, right?!

It has not taken long for my feelings of restlessness to set in again.  Patience is not my forte and I feel as if I have been waiting a long time to receive a clear-cut signal as to what lies ahead for me and my family.  I have so many personal goals I would like to achieve, but I am finding it so very difficult to attain even the simplest, smallest step for any of them.  I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

It is time to sit down, both alone and with my husband, and begin to draft a road map for the rest of this year.  For several months my motivation has dwindled.  My drive to pursue my passions has wained and I truly just need some focus; some attainable goals to reignite the fire that typically burns inside of me.

I am missing "me."  Not "mom," but me.  It is time to break out of this apathetic state I have been in for months and get re-energized.  Oh, the thought of it sounds exhausting, but I am more than ready to feel that fire burn from within again.  It is time to pray and reflect on my purpose once again.  I'm hoping for some clear signs to appear soon!

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