Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day #42: Work Priorities

Today I had a meeting with the small business development center pertaining to the preschool I would like to open...someday.  A few short months ago I believed I would be knee deep into the business preparing for the upcoming school year, but a major road bump put a halt to the preschool opening in the fall.  Initially I was crushed.  I had spent so much time putting together a plan, finding a location, meeting with families, etc.  It was so terribly disappointing to tell everyone, "Sorry.  It's a no-go."

Fast-forward a few months.  The disappointment has faded and been replaced with content and acceptance.  I hold tight to the saying, "Everything happens for a reason."  Now is simply not the time.  I still have small children at home who need their mommy and From Cover to Cover is growing and thriving as well.  Perhaps my purpose right now is to raise my babies and help kids in the area through service.  The downfall?  Neither position pays well...well, at all.

Realizing that while my contribution to our family and my community is not one of financial gain, it may be more important than any dollar amount I would receive from the preschool.  I suppose the beauty of our lives here is that we truly never know where our path will lead us.  Accepting this truth and transitioning to being content in my current role has been so freeing.

I have been blessed with the gift of organization and a servant heart.  Serving my family and these children in my community that have so little are my work priorities right now.  In time this may change, but for now I will focus on this season.  I will give it my best effort and patiently wait for the doors that will open in the future.


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