Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Days #21-22: Removing the Distraction

Time has not been on my side the past few days (well, at least time for blogging).  I've been focusing on ways to de-clutter and organize our house and working on ridding my daily life of the distractions that suck up so much of my time.  The first step?  Removing that cute little blue Facebook icon from my phone.  As my one friend put it, "Out of sight, out of mind."  My intention was to make it more difficult to access the time-sucking site I enjoy so much.  I love reading updates, blog posts, and articles that interest me.  I just need to do less of it...a lot less I think.  So, no Facebook icon it is!

My hope is that in the next month my house will be sufficiently de-cluttered and better organized.  A little spring cleaning will do us all some good and children playing outside will give me the opportunity to have a few less helping hands when I'm working on parting with items.  They take after their mom I'm afraid.  Everything seems to have meaning.  Now to separate the emotion from the "stuff...."


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  1. Smart friend you have ;)

    Taking the emotion out of the stuff... I read an article about organizing that featured Peter Walsh. He was quoted as saying, "If you give away a sweater from your Mom, you're not giving away your Mom."

    That one kind of resonated with me. It's been easier to part with stuff, knowing that the toys, clothes, etc may actually be used by someone, instead of gathering dust in my basement. The sentimental items, such as first shoes, birthday cards, etc are harder. I've been looking at them asking myself what I'm going to do with them some day. Are my boys going to want all of this stuff? I've spent so much time, energy, and money organizing (or hoarding) our stuff. I'm done. DONE with it. I don't want to pass this responsibility on to them (or their future wives)!! I want to live my life and not feel guilt, frustration, and a bunch of other feelings when I'm once again bombarded by this stuff. I pitched quite a bit a few weeks ago. Maybe take a picture if that helps?? I'd rather have digital stuff.... easier to manage.

    Good luck!