Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day #35: Bird Watching

Recently I've noticed an increase in bird activity in our backyard.  Spring has sprung and birds are out gathering materials to make their nests.  We have a little yellow birdhouse hanging in our tree and today my oldest daughter and I spent some time watching a bird fly back and forth with sticks and grass to build it's nest inside of this birdhouse.

This doesn't sound like anything magical by any means, but generally I am moving much too quickly to stop and watch the birds, let alone invite my daughter over to the window to watch with me.  We had a great conversation, not only about that particular bird, but some robins that were in our backyard as well.

How wonderful to hear her observations, to answer her questions, and to simply share a few moments enjoying nature's wonder.  Being intentional...slowing down.  It really is all about the simple things.


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