Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day #28-29: Travel Priorities

Travel priorities.  This area seems to be the most fun to prioritize.  Dream of places to visit, plan vacations, provide experiences for our children and ourselves to see the wonders of places near and far?  Fun at it's best!  
There are countless places to visit and so many natural wonders to see, it can be a difficult task to narrow down the list to "must-do's" and "would-like-to-do's!"  Naturally we have to factor in money, time, and the ages of our children when preparing the wish list and creating a rough outline of our travel destinations.  

Recently I read a blog post about family vacations and the advice in it resonated with me:  do not skip the family vacation.  Regardless of your circumstances, take a family vacation.  Hey, we only live once and our kids are only with us for so long before their grown and on their own!  Take the family vacation!  Both my husband and I have fond memories of the family vacations we took when we were children.  It is our hope that our children will look back fondly on these years as well.  

After thinking about this for quite a few days, here is a brief list of our travel priorities:
- We will take a family summer vacation each year
- We will take a non-kid vacation (be it long weekend or something more extravagant) once a year
- We will not be afraid of road trips.  You can see a lot more on the ground!
- We will experience Disney at least once when all of the kids will remember it
- We will take the ballpark tour with our family before the leave the nest (we hope!)
- We will take the time to learn along the way.
- Input from all family members will be considered when planning vacations.


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