Friday, April 4, 2014

Day #17: Exercise

Exercise.  Something I so desperately need and crave.  I have a gym membership, but it's turned into a monthly donation to the company.  The child care is not a good fit for me, so I just don't go.  I'm planning to rip off the bandaid this month and cancel it.  No more, "Maybe we'll use it?!"  It's a waste of money and I need to just cancel it.

That still leaves the exercise dilemma.  Today I decided to pull out my new yoga mat and DVD and get to work.  30 minutes of fat-burning yoga later and I feel such relief that I finally did something!  I even did it at home, alone with the kids, in the middle of the morning.  We could get into a routine with this.  Once the weather warms up, I plan to hit the pavement running again.  I miss my early morning runs and cannot wait to get back into shape.

Time.  For me and my health.  It's a priority and must be worked into the daily grind somehow.  Perhaps I've figured out a way to do it without the gym membership.  Even better!

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