Friday, April 25, 2014

Day #37: Giving Extra

We have begun our week without Dad.  My day started at 4:30 this morning to wish him good-bye and I must admit I am ready for  While I had a few hours of quiet time this morning (I tried to go back to sleep.  I really did), I prayed for patience, energy, and the ability to give a little extra.  I know my kiddos will miss their daddy.  They look forward to that door opening at the end of the work day and playing with him on the weekend.  It will be a little different this weekend, but it is my goal to make sure we have a little extra fun!

I also hope to give extra hugs and kisses, allow a little extra time when they're sad at bedtime, and a little extra forgiveness when they're grumpy.  The presence of someone as important as Dad will surely be felt over the next week.  This is not our norm, so this mama will have to buck up, put my feelings aside, and do my best to give all of those extras this week.  (Did I mention he bought me a box of local chocolates before he left?!  They'll be devoured soon!).  I plan to give my best effort!


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