Monday, April 7, 2014

Days #19-20: The Process of Simplifying

Why is it that weekends go so quickly?!  I feel pulled in so many directions and once Sunday night hits I become a bit frustrated I didn't have the opportunity to finish what I started.  I am hoping to get our home de-cluttered and organized so I don't find myself in this situation day after day, week after week.

The art of living simply really does take some work.  Right now we are sifting through our personal possessions to remove what we don't use or need.  I am a sentimental person and find myself emotionally tied to so many things.  It can be hard to let go, but I know we will all be better off if we can weed through and remove some of the unnecessary "stuff."  Rooms will be easier to clean up, we can more easily find the things we actually enjoy, and our home will look less cluttered, which will help us all feel better!

We continue to focus on developing our family purpose statement and evaluating our priorities as well.  This truly has been a way of thinking we are both benefitting from.  The discussions we have had are thought-provoking and a great way to really focus on what matters the most:  putting our family first and determining what is important versus what is just outside noise we need to quiet.

How is your journey going?!


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