Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day #66: Impromptu Fun

I've read several pieces about letting go of the need to have everything planned.  As a self-proclaimed planner, that is easier said than done, but in some aspects of my life I have gotten better about this.  My husband is very laid-back and this comes naturally to him, but for me, most times I find this to be a challenge and feel out of my comfort zone if there isn't a plan.

Today we had an impromptu cookout with our neighbors.  Nothing fancy, but fun just the same. Soon a few more families joined us in the backyard and with that there were ten kiddos playing and a bunch of adults having the opportunity to just sit and talk for a bit.  It was great and one of the reasons I love living where we do.  We are surrounded by great people and many of us have young children who love to play together.

The moral of the story?  You don't need detailed dinner plans to invite your friends and neighbors over to enjoy a meal together.  Sometimes the best moments come when you least expect them. As my son put it, "I just didn't want it to end Mom.  It was so fun."

 I'll say it again:  it's the little things in life!

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