Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day #57: Hands Free...The Fight Against Distraction

I received an awesome gift in the mail this week...from myself!  I ordered three books I've been wanting to get my hands on and couldn't wait to dive in.  Most likely they will all be read simultaneously, but I first opened Hands Free Mama.  Oh my goodness, it did not take long to get the emotions rolling.

In a world so full of noise, busyness, and distraction it is hard to stay focused.  To be intentional. To follow through with our goals.  I so badly want to feel less overwhelmed.  Less busy.  Less distracted.  There are days when I feel like I do a decent job of this and others where I struggle. With summer approaching, I want to make sure I'm spending quality time with my kids free of the distractions from the phone and computer.  It will be a challenge, because it has become an addiction.

Who would have thought we'd have addictions to phones?  To the internet?  Oh the evolution of technology.  There are often days where I feel those smart phones were the worst invention ever.  Facebook isn't far behind!  It is so difficult to unplug from the world, especially those in the working world who are accessible 24/7.  I find it sad and disturbing that we feel we must sacrifice our time with our families, after work hours and on the weekends, to work and answer emails.  It's just wrong folks!

What's your biggest distraction?  Mine is social media.  Definite pros and cons!  On the bright side, I did not browse the Facebook feed all day!  Tonight I just might since I'm hanging out solo!


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