Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day #65: The Songs We Treasure

Tonight my sweet baby girl was fussy.  She was tired, but having a difficult time calming down until I began to sing.  I sang my favorite lullaby, "You Are My Sunshine."  I followed it up with my other top three songs:  "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "Jesus Loves Me," and "Skinnamarinkadinkadink."

I don't know how these four songs came to be the go-to songs we sing to our children, but over time we have spent countless hours singing these tunes.  To this day they find their way into the bedtime routines of our oldest children and now we are beginning again with your youngest. They are sweet songs of love and I hope our children realize how loved they are.

It's the small routine parts of their lives they will remember the most.  I hope when they have children of their own these songs will sneak into their homes.  I'm sure when I'm rocking my grandchildren someday I'll sing these songs to them thinking of the days when their mom or dad were little.  (Ooh, that made me tear up just thinking about it!).

It's amazing how calming a song can be.  Especially a song sung by the ones entrusted to take care of you.  I need to remember to try this more often.  The immediate silence followed by sleep was just the sign I needed to remind me how powerful a mother's love can be.

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