Monday, May 19, 2014

Day #58: A Few Hours Away

As parents, we are not overly selfish.  We devote nearly every waking hour of every single day to our family.  I spend very little time away from my brood and I don't necessarily believe it is a good thing.  It has just been so difficult to find a balance and particularly challenging with our youngest babe since she has not taken a bottle nor does she go to sleep and stay down for the night.  There are times when I long for the freedom to just get away and not be on the clock!

We were fortunate to escape for a few hours over the weekend.  We joined several of our neighbors for a night out at a local restaurant.  It was nice to get away for a bit and get to know some of our neighbors a bit better.  Spending time without the children is important.  I just wish it were easier to do.  We have yet to find a sitter other than grandparents, but even when we do, we will have to work a night out into the budget since paying a babysitter to watch our four kids will not be cheap!

A huge part of this process is working to improve our life as a family.  Incorporating time away from the kids is so very, very important.  Are you good about taking time away?

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