Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day #46: Stop, Look, and Listen

Sunday, our day of "rest," turned out to have a lot on the agenda:  church, Sunday school, t-ball, and a dinner gathering with the ladies.  Normally I would have no problem handling a day like this, but getting little sleep and having a migraine headache was just enough to tip the scale into a non-manageable agenda.

Unfortunately, the one item to go was my dinner.  I was disappointed to cancel.  I value my time away with just the ladies, but I had to put my desire to go aside.  It was an important step to realize there was no pushing through this time.  My body just wanted rest.  I listened and though I am still bummed I missed the dinner, Monday morning came and my headache had disappeared.

There are times we just need to slow down and listen to what our mind, body, or soul needs.  It may mean missing an important event or simply leaving the house a mess until another day.  We were not made to go full steam ahead and never rest.  A valuable lesson I am slowly learning!

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