Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day #60: Time Management 101

Pre-kids I would have considered myself to be a wonderful manager of my time.  Even one or two kids into parenthood I would have given myself an above-average rating.  Fast-forward to four and I am struggling...big time!  I am great about meeting the everyday needs around the house each week:  laundry, bathroom cleaning, bathing my kids, and cooking meals, but finding slots to fit in the extras is a challenge.

The biggest problem?  Exercise.  I NEED to exercise.  I just can't figure out a plan to fit this into the schedule.  The gym has not worked out, the weather has been inconsistent for runs in the morning, and my desire to do some yoga at home is thwarted by the sweet little faces that want to participate, too.  Trust me, I would let them if they could, but there is just not enough space in my living room to accommodate three bodies attempting yoga poses!

Once we return from vacation I am going to do my best to come up with a plan to fit this into my schedule.  Today I considered running laps around my backyard.  My neighbors may give me some crazy looks, but it just might happen soon!

If exercise is important to you, how do you fit it in?

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