Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 1: 10 Minutes

My first day of Motherhood 180 was a success.  My goal was to give each of my children ten minutes of undivided attention.  Intentional living.  Seems like an easy feat, but in reality it's hard to not be interrupted or get sidetracked for ten minutes!  I took advantage of naps and the time before bed to make it happen.

Here is how I spent my ten minutes with each child:
-Filling out the NCAA brackets with my oldest son who is a die-hard sports fan.  We even snuck in some extra time reading a book from his new favorite series, The Ballpark Mysteries.  Definitely time well spent that we both enjoyed.
-Watching my younger son dance.  The boy just loves music and he was so thrilled that I actually sat down in the chair to watch him perform.  I've never noticed how serious his facial expressions are while dancing (and he's quite graceful, too!).  We also spent time together playing a matching letter game that he chose.  The baby was napping, so we were able to complete it without him screaming, "She's ruining it!"  Bonus!
-Reading with my oldest daughter.  She loves books and studies the pictures so carefully.  I caught her scanning through a few books several times and invited her to bring them over to share with me.  She was so excited about the new bedtime books I put out, she just HAD to share the funny parts with her brothers (of course the parts that include bathroom humor were the ones she chose first!).
-Playing ball and reading with the baby.  The pure joy that this little girl brings to our lives is indescribable.  Her eyes smile when she does and she just loves to throw the ball back when it's rolled to her.  Books with textures are also a big hit and she now has definite preferences and lets them be known!  Sweet moments spent on the floor and with her in my lap.  They certainly will pass by too quickly!

In spending those ten minutes focused on each child, I realized how I often miss the little things because I'm distracted, interrupted, or simply just not noticing.  What a great way to start out on this journey!  Hope your first day is a great one!

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