Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day #1: Developing a New Routine

Success.  Our first day was a success.  We sent our oldest son off on his first day of school and he come home with these words, "School was awesome.  Mrs. Halverson is my best teacher yet!"  Such music to my ears.  His proudest accomplishment?  "I was the first to move my clip to outstanding, Mom."  My sweet, young rule follower who is always aiming to please his teachers and be on his best behavior.

As planned, we spent a few minutes reading the daily devotion and sharing a story from the Bible before bed.  As parents, we did our best to handle the messy situations with calmness and grace and for the most part did so successfully.  Imperfect progress and it feels so good.

Dinnertime has become very challenging in recent months.  The kids are so silly, out of control, and sometimes inappropriate, that there is little joy in eating as a family.  Today while I was getting a much-needed massage a lightbulb went on:  we need to do our best to facilitate the conversation at dinner.  So, we did.  It was the most pleasant dinner we've had in quite some time.  The intentional act of asking more questions and pulling more out of them took away the opportunities to veer off track.  

The simple little tweaks can have the most impact.  

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